Friday, November 1, 2013

Kellybell Designs DSD Events

Wow! What an exciting weekend this will be! Digital Scrapbook Day is always the first Saturday in November and it's a jam packed weekend of sales, games, blog trains, freebies and scrapping fun. Kelly has so many things going on that you don't want to miss out on. Especially the new freebie kit on Saturday. Check out all the festivities.

Kelly's collection honors the newest and youngest princess named Sophia The First. She's just adorable and she's filled with an adventurous spirit. The 'Princess Overnight' kit will be free on Saturday only so don't miss out on this one day event.

The kit is so sweet and it's filled with 15 papers along with a castle, crest, Sophia doll, Minimus horse, frames, flairs, Enchancia sash, amulet, banners, scatters, hearts, flowers, crown, shoe, full glittery alpha and much more.

Only the kit is free on Saturday. You can find these matching accessories in the Kellybell Designs Store. There's a gorgeous word art pack, page starters and paper stacks.

While this collection was inspired by Sophia The First, the colors and elements can also be used to scrap all the other Disney Princesses. Here's a page that I scrapped.

 photo Sofia-the-First-web.jpg

Kelly's Creative Team has 3 adorable freebies for you that perfectly complement this collection. You can find them at JessicaP's Blog, Lisa's Blog and Sharon's Blog.

 photo Sofia-the-First-freebie-pac.jpg

Kelly's got a few more DSD events happening this weekend too. Over at Mousescrappers, Kelly will be hosting a speed scrap on Saturday evening at 8pm EST. Check out the cute pixie dust participation prize.

Plus there will be a forum game inside Mousescrappers for a chance to win a free kit of your choice.

Boy, this blog post is packed with all kinds of goodies! And it's not over yet. Kelly's Creative Team has a super duper Blog Train for you. The theme is Fab Five Accessories. You'll find an amazing set of word arts, cluster frames, cluster strips, borders, and journal cards for your 5 favorite Disney characters including Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. You know you're gonna love this!! Here's the path you need to follow to pick up all your Fab Five accessories. But don't delay, these links will only be available for this weekend only. Links will be removed on Monday morning and then these items will be placed in Kelly's Store. Have fun collecting all your freebies, shopping the sales, speed scrapping and gaming. What an amazing weekend! Have fun!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kellybell Design's "Villainous"

Something evil has arrived today. Those nasty and wicked Disney Villains are now getting their turn inside a Kellybell collection. Kelly is famous for creating lots of sweet princess kits, but today she's showing off some badness with a new kit called...

Wow! Soak in all those deep rich colors! This collection is both gorgeous and evil. The kit features lots of elements from Jafar, Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Ursula and Dr. Facilier. Inside you'll find flairs, sword, poison apple, fire, magic mirror, serpent staff, playing card, crown, cigarette holder, clock, Cruella hair, dragon, dragon wings, hats, smoke, ribbons, skull, snake head and much more.

For page starters, you'll get 6 beautifully clustered frames. And those rich papers and colors are really shown off with the 4 paper stacks.

Kelly's got 2 packs of word art titles that feature the Villains' names as well as some evil titles to match. These are perfect for your character meetings at the Villains Mix and Mingle.

You can browse through the Kellybell Designs Store to find all these new items and all of Kelly's collections. The 'Villainous' collection will be 25% off this weekend only.

This collection is fabulous for scrapping photos from Haunted Houses, costume parties, Halloween dress-up and of course meeting the Disney Villains. For inspiration, take a look at what I scrapped.

 photo Rotten-to-the-Core.jpg

You'll find 3 evil freebies that coordinate with the 'Villainous' collection if you are brave enough to venture over to Jenn's Blog, Julie's Blog and Linda's Blog. Can't wait to see what wicked layouts you can create with this collection. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kellybell Designs Sneak Peak

Kellybell Designs has got something "evil and villainous" coming to you! Wait until you see it... It's so perfect for this time of year and it's gorgeous! Here's a sneak peak. Don't forget to stop by Kellybell Designs Blog for a chance to win this kit..


Friday, October 18, 2013

Kellybell Designs "Once Upon a Time"

Once Upon A Time...
Every good fairy tale story begins this way. And of course it always has a happy ending where they lived happily ever after. What's between 'Once Upon A Time' and 'They Lived Happily Ever After' is an adventure filled drama for each princess. For Cinderella, she's held captive by an evil stepmother and 2 rotten step sisters, only later to be magically transformed into a princess attending a royal ball and marrying a handsome prince. In today's world, this only happens on reality TV, but for those of us with a dream filled heart, it happens every day in a magical fairy tale story at Disney.

Honoring the magic of Cinderella, Kelly's got a brand new collection that is fit for a princess. It's called...

Inside this gorgeous kit you'll find royally rich patterns and colors with over 50 elements including castle, castle wall, ribbons, carriage, glass slipper, blue bird, crests, scrolls, clock face, pumpkins, flairs, frames, flowers, greenery, banners, strings, sprays and much more. There's a full alpha that's white with a blue outline.

Check out these 5 word art titles. So pretty for your castle or Cinderella layouts.

Don't forget to add the page starters and paper stacks to your shopping cart. These are so brightly colored and beautifully clustered.

When you're scrapping a princess page, you always need some glitter. These glitter papers make a great addition to your princess scrapping stash.

All of Kelly's creations can be found at This newest collection will be 25% of this weekend only so hurry over to the store and grab it while it's on sale. While you are at the store, check out all of Kelly's princess kits too.

'Fairytale Story' is a beautiful princess collection that can be used for scrapping photos in front of Cinderella's castle as well as meeting any of the princesses. Here's a page that I scrapped.

 photo Kissing-a-Prince.jpg

Now we're at the end where everyone lives happily ever after.... because they get 3 amazing freebies! You can find a fabulous goodies from Kelly's team below. Have a magical week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kellybell Designs Wed Sneak Peak

It's Wednesday and time for a Kellybell Designs Sneak Peak. And Kelly has done it again.. another super fabulous gorgeous kit! Wait until you see it.. Eeeek! Here's a sneak peak for you and don't forget to stop by Kellybell Design's blog for a chance to win!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Kellybell Designs "Love Transformed"

Beauty and the Beast. A magical fairy tale of love transformed. Hard to image such patience and tenderness inside such a hideous beast. The story is a classic fairy tale come true. There's a whole new area to explore inside Fantasyland dedicated to Belle and Beast including an amazing castle and fabulous new dining restaurant. In honor of Belle, Beast and all the enchanted castle servants, Kelly has a new collection today called....

The colors inside this kit are vibrant and bold. You'll find an amazing assortment of elements including Beast's castle, castle wall, knight in amour, grandfather clock, sofa, chair, hand mirror, chandelier, flairs, roses, rose petals, fleur de lis, frames, coat of arms, flowers, stitching, books, goblet, banners, tea pot, buttons, bows, sword, stone window, flourish, pixie dust and much more. The full alpha is a very manly yet delicate cream with brown edging.

If you've been to the new Fantasyland expansion and have eaten at the new Be Our Guest restaurant, you're going to love these word art titles.

The matching paper stacks and page starters are super colorful and meticulously clustered for you. Take a look at these 6 page starters (4 clustered frames and 2 clustered strips). Pretty neat, huh? And the paper stacks are a burst of colors and flowers.

This new collection will be priced at 25% off this weekend only. You can find all of Kelly's kits and accessories at the Kellybell Designs Store. Take some time to browse around and see what other cool things you might like.

This is such a fun kit and there are so many way to scrap with it. And using the premades makes things super easy to get started. Here's a page that I made.

 photo the-west-wing-2.jpg

You've made it to the bottom of the post and now you get to find out where the matching freebies are stored today. Kelly's Creative Team always comes up with beautiful goodies for you. Today you can find the 3 freebies at Jennifer's Blog, Julie's Blog and Lisa's Blog. Have fun shopping in Kelly's store today and grabbing up your freebies. Hope you have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kellybell Design's Sneak Peak

It's Wednesday and time for a Sneak  Peak.. This kit is absolutely gorgeous! Don't forget to stop by Kellybell Design's blog for a chance to win!